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About Reliance

Shri Tripura Junior Science College was founded in 2004 under which Reliance Latur Pattern & Shree Tripura Junior Science college were established by Shri Umakant Virappa Honrao for coaching students for career in Engineering & Medical stream. This institution emerged from Honrao Sir’s experiments in Remedial classes, free coaching efforts to help the students get confidents. He also visited various education institutions in the country to study different working models. From this emerged his basic concept for establishing a system of education, His educational program has 5 facets Quality – College Education, Intense Coaching, Testing & Remediation, Enrichment & Counseling. In a short time this approach yielded good results & the institution gained much popularity. Government of Maharashtra has sponsored a batch of 100 ST students who are given residential coaching to help them join Engineering & Medical courses. The Government of India Has sponsored a scheme of Focused preparation of free coaching & allied scheme to Minority Students under which a batch of class 11th and a batch of class 12th are receiving free residential education to help them to join Engineering & Medical Courses.A college also offers free education for victims of natural calamities, terrorist activities & orphaned children during war.
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